Polymer Project
You and a partner are going to produce a fabulous wiki page featuring either a natural or synthetic polymer. Natural polymers are essential to life and since the 1830's synthetic polymers have become key substances in our way of life.
As you prepare your wiki page, be sure to include the following:
o Technical and common name (if one exists) of your polymer
o The structural characteristics of your monomer and finished polymer, including diagrams (cite sources)
o an optional video of you constructing the monomer unit using the ‘chemsite’ program (optional)
o The method of linking the monomers (addition or condensation) and explanation of method (example of reaction which produces it)
o Whether it is a natural or synthetic polymer.
o If synthetic, is it biodegradable, recyclable or renewable (if this information is available)
o If synthetic, is it thermoset, thermoplastic, fiber or elastomer.
o The physical and chemical characteristics of the polymer.
o Whether cross-linkage occurs and if so, the significance of it.
o The natural role(s) and practical uses of the polymer, if natural.
o The practical and industrial uses of the polymer, if synthetic.
Be sure that your contributions include graphics, molecular models built on ‘chemsite’ (or some other suitable program), and links to other pertinent sites